Battle of The Boxes: Organising a charity Crossfit competition


I’m not sure how much my readers know about Crossfit but there is always talk about how much of a sense of community there is within the walls that make up the box (gym). It’s almost a cliche now that the Crossfit community is an amazing thing to be part of and there’s a great article on the BOXROX website that sums it up completely.

That famous Crossfit spirit is alive and well and I saw it to it’s full extent when I took up my place in the London marathon for the Dogs Trust and I decided to try and organise a Crossfit competition. The event would be between Crossfit Portsea Island and Crossfit Fareham and the idea was to get both boxes together to battle it out for the top dog spot (see what I did there?!). A team event aiming to raise as much money as possible!

Admittedly it did take over my life a little – I was in New York shortly after discussing the possibility of this going ahead with Matt (one of the owners/coaches at Fareham) and I couldn’t stop thinking about it out of pure excitement! I tried to keep a lid on it, much to my boyfriend’s amusement, but I still edited and posted on the Facebook event page that I had set up just before we travelled while we were relaxing in the hotel! 🙂

15319309_10157820383370425_4493341908085494255_nJust some of the awesome (and very fit!) people who competed or came along to spectate on the day!

While Matt and Carl (one of the owners/coaches at Crossfit Portsea Island) were busy helping me with teams and inviting people to the event I was free to concentrate on what we all really want … prizes. I emailed Icon Nutrition and Snak Pack asking if they would both donate a prize and they both, so generously, said yes! I couldn’t believe my luck! The winners were in for a treat with these two amazing companies on board. Later on, with the event gaining a bit of momentum Loup Apparel and Tough Tea also came on board adding to the winners stash.

So, what did I have? Space? Check. Facebook event? Check. Prizes? Check. Wait …. what am I missing? Programming! I needed to work out what I was going to make these teams do on the day which is where Carl stepped in. With the Crossfit knowledge that he has and the experience of team events Carl was able put together a great program of events for the teams to sink their teeth into so I could check that task off the list!


Everything was set. On the 3rd of December 2016, both boxes came together to sweat in the name of the Dogs Trust. Would it have been so easy or swesome if it was anyone other than Crossfit enthusiasts? I’m not so sure. The passion that these people have for their sport is amazing and that passion helped me raise a grand total of £427 in one day! That’s nearly a quarter of my target! The day went smoothly and everyone told me that they enjoyed the competition which made my day!

I’m so proud of the fact that I was able to do this. I put myself out there (I even managed to get over my fear of speaking in public!) and I managed to pull it off. Maybe I missed my calling in life?

C x

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