Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!

Week 2, days 1-7 of New York Marathon training and we’ve already hit the 100 days until race day marker. I’m not panicking, you’re panicking …

My week looked like this:

Monday – Cycling Intervals
Tuesday – 4 Mile Run
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Intervals
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Parkrun (3.1 Mile Run)
Sunday – 9 Mile Run

I was back on the bike on Monday doing my cycling intervals. I might have to admit defeat and switch to a long ride instead of speed work as intervals are impossible along a busy seafront. The summer is going to be the worst time to attempt intervals anywhere is Portsmouth as well. Aside from just running people over I may have the rethink my strategy!

Just four miles on the plan on Tuesday and I went out at 9am because I was off work. 3.3 miles in and I’d had enough! It was super hot already at that point so I didn’t complete my run that day. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that people who train for marathons complete every run to the letter because sometimes it just doesn’t happen and that’s OK!

After having a rest day on Wednesday it was time for intervals. I went out at lunch time (yes, I’m an idiot who runs intervals of a lunch time during the summer!) and I loved it! I mean, when I say I loved it, I was slightly regretting my life decisions by interval number nine but I still enjoyed it. In my last marathon training block I was enjoying the long slow runs but this time around I’m definitely enjoying the short, sharp, fast (painful) sessions.

Friday was another rest day and the day that the New York Marathon posted their ‘100 days to go’ pictures and videos. I mean, I know a 16 week marathon training block only has 112 days over all so this number really isn’t that bad but …. well, it’s scary! We’re in double figures already! OK, I’ll calm down now …

I was back at Southsea parkrun on Saturday having not run a parkrun since the 8th of June in Worthing. It was good to be back especially because it was raining and cool. And because I got a coffee afterwards at Southsea Beach Cafe.

Sunday was the big one. If all went well it would be my longest run of 2019 after having to cut down on miles because of going to physio earlier in the year. I didn’t actually want to go out and do it so that wasn’t a great start. I fuelled up on french toast (it’s not all bagels and porridge in this house) and decided to literally run in circles (1.3 mile circles to be exact). I ran this way until the 7th lap which I extended out to avoid an 8th lap in case I needed to give up at any stage. Somehow (with the promise of takeaway pizza, chocolate milk and a magnum later on) I found the mental strength each time I came back round to my front door to continue on and I got the whole 9 miles done. Hurrah!

So that’s the end of week two. Not feeling motivated during a training block is one of the hardest things about training for a marathon. You want to do well which means doing the training but sometimes it can feel impossible to actually get out there. But, we crack on and do it because we know it’s needs to be done. As the boss says, you’ve just got to keep showing up.

C x

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I love running! I'm attempting to run all six of the World Marathon Majors but I'm a wannabe triathlete as well.

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