Week 3 of Marathon Training and What a Week It Was!

What. A. Week! All I can say about this week of training is that it sucked. So bad. My week looked like this: Monday: Cycling intervalsTuesday: 5 mile runWednesday: RestdayThursday: IntervalsFriday: Rest daySaturday: Parkrun (3.1 miles)Sunday: 10 mile run Monday should have told me how the rest of the week was going to go. IContinue reading “Week 3 of Marathon Training and What a Week It Was!”

Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!

Week 2, days 1-7 of New York Marathon training and we’ve already hit the 100 days until race day marker. I’m not panicking, you’re panicking … My week looked like this: Monday – Cycling IntervalsTuesday – 4 Mile RunWednesday – Rest DayThursday – IntervalsFriday – Rest DaySaturday – Parkrun (3.1 Mile Run)Sunday – 9 MileContinue reading “Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!”

And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One

Monday, 15th of July. The start of a new 16 week marathon training block. The start of my road to the New York Marathon. I’m not going to lie, the thought of starting another marathon training plan absolutely terrifies me. Motivation has been lacking and it scared me that this next big commitment has comeContinue reading “And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One”

The Great Railway Run 10k – Race Recap

The Great Railway Run takes place along the old railway line that’s runs from Cork City to Carrigaline. They offer two distances on the day, a 25k and a 10k, with runners on the longer route merging with the start of the 10k at Monkstown where the old railway station use to stand. At theContinue reading “The Great Railway Run 10k – Race Recap”

Product Review: Pretty Athletic

A few weeks ago Pretty Athletic, the brand designed exclusively for active women, put a call out on social media for people who wanted to try their products. In exchange for a review you would receive a sample of a product of your choosing . I jumped at the chance as I had wanted toContinue reading “Product Review: Pretty Athletic”

The London Marathon – Race Report

It’s taken me a while to write this because the London Marathon didn’t go exactly as I planned it. When I say it didn’t go as planned, I mean it was brutal.Β It chewed me up and spat me out over the finish line. When I started to write about my experience I just … couldn’t.Continue reading “The London Marathon – Race Report”

The East Cork Harbour Marathon … Hills, Motivational Signs and a Personal Best!

Six weeks out from the Berlin Marathon I’m told by my trusty training plan that I should be running for 90 minutes or entering a half marathon event so I choose the half marathon. I’m already running for 90 minutes so I know a half marathon will give me more time on the road (plusContinue reading “The East Cork Harbour Marathon … Hills, Motivational Signs and a Personal Best!”