Float Away And Relax: What Is Float Therapy?

With an ethereal blue light and silence all around I wonder if I can float here for a whole hour. I’m laying in a pod filled with ten inches of water and a thousand pounds of epsom salts churning this thought round but, as time goes on, I wonder how I’ve never discovered this before.Continue reading “Float Away And Relax: What Is Float Therapy?”

Hot Pod Yoga launches in Portsmouth! 

I first tried hot yoga in the summer of 2016. Hot yoga does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s yoga that’s hot. Well, it’s yoga that’s practised in a hot space. Bikram yoga is still considered the original form of hot yoga but there are many ways of practising hot yoga now.Continue reading “Hot Pod Yoga launches in Portsmouth! “

Saying No To The Best Marathon In The World

I started to draft this blog on the train into London two days before the marathon was due to take place. Even though I wasn’t running, we’d already booked a hotel and mum was flying over from Ireland (sadly not to see me cross the finish line as we had planned). With mixed feelings weContinue reading “Saying No To The Best Marathon In The World”

Recovering … Please Wait

So, I’ve just had my third illness since Christmas and I’m finally starting feeling better. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s it now and I can get back to training properly (cue my bedside table being full of vitamin C tablets to be taken just in case the dreaded scratchy throat makes its return). ItContinue reading “Recovering … Please Wait”

Meeting The London Marathon Experts and the big marathon countdown!

Each year the London Marathon host a day in the capital full of training tips, tricks and ideas from nutritionists, athletes and celebrities who have run the best marathon in the world. As a gold bond runner (someone who gained a place through a charity on the condition that you raise money for them), I was invitedContinue reading “Meeting The London Marathon Experts and the big marathon countdown!”

Marathon training AND raising £1800 … you must be mad!

Have you ever wanted to do an event but been put off by the compulsory and, sometimes sky high, fundraising target which are set in exchange for a guaranteed place? Well, when I found out for the third time running that the London marathon ballot had failed me my thoughts turned to charity places. IContinue reading “Marathon training AND raising £1800 … you must be mad!”

Promises, promises – making (and breaking) New Year’s resolutions.

Tomorrow we welcome 2017. How did that happen?! 2016 seems to have flown by and we’re now sitting on the edge of the start of the new year. The time of year when most people have resolutions on their mind. Resolutions that over 90% of people fail to achieve. I did some indepth research (byContinue reading “Promises, promises – making (and breaking) New Year’s resolutions.”

Well, I do like a challenge … (Or how keeping busy keeps me going)

2016 has been … weird. I’m sure many would agree that 2016 has made you scratch your head and say, ‘huh?’, on more than one occasion. We’ve had Brexit and Trump winning the US presidential election which I was actually in America to witness and not to mention all the celebrity deaths that have occurredContinue reading “Well, I do like a challenge … (Or how keeping busy keeps me going)”

Battle of The Boxes: Organising a charity Crossfit competition

I’m not sure how much my readers know about Crossfit but there is always talk about how much of a sense of community there is within the walls that make up the box (gym). It’s almost a cliche now that the Crossfit community is an amazing thing to be part of and there’s a great articleContinue reading “Battle of The Boxes: Organising a charity Crossfit competition”