Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!

Week 2, days 1-7 of New York Marathon training and we’ve already hit the 100 days until race day marker. I’m not panicking, you’re panicking … My week looked like this: Monday – Cycling IntervalsTuesday – 4 Mile RunWednesday – Rest DayThursday – IntervalsFriday – Rest DaySaturday – Parkrun (3.1 Mile Run)Sunday – 9 MileContinue reading “Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!”

And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One

Monday, 15th of July. The start of a new 16 week marathon training block. The start of my road to the New York Marathon. I’m not going to lie, the thought of starting another marathon training plan absolutely terrifies me. Motivation has been lacking and it scared me that this next big commitment has comeContinue reading “And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One”