It Will Move You – The 2019 New York Marathon

It seems like a life time ago now but we booked our New York trip nearly a whole year ago, way back on New Years Eve 2018. I’d entered the ballot three times to run New York – it’s a race that has always been on my bucket list (along with London) ever since I’d taken up running. I’ve been lucky enough to get into Berlin and Chicago through the ballot but New York was proving to be tougher to gain entry into.

Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 2

As I left my boyfriend I felt excited. This was it. Time to earn my third star. The start pens were well organised, not too packed with people, easy to find and there were also plenty of toilets around. The queues were quite long at the first toilets that I came across but, if you’reContinue reading “Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 2”