It Will Move You – The 2019 New York Marathon

It seems like a life time ago now but we booked our New York trip nearly a whole year ago, way back on New Years Eve 2018. I’d entered the ballot three times to run New York – it’s a race that has always been on my bucket list (along with London) ever since I’d taken up running. I’ve been lucky enough to get into Berlin and Chicago through the ballot but New York was proving to be tougher to gain entry into.

Week 3 of Marathon Training and What a Week It Was!

What. A. Week! All I can say about this week of training is that it sucked. So bad. My week looked like this: Monday: Cycling intervalsTuesday: 5 mile runWednesday: RestdayThursday: IntervalsFriday: Rest daySaturday: Parkrun (3.1 miles)Sunday: 10 mile run Monday should have told me how the rest of the week was going to go. IContinue reading “Week 3 of Marathon Training and What a Week It Was!”

Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!

Week 2, days 1-7 of New York Marathon training and we’ve already hit the 100 days until race day marker. I’m not panicking, you’re panicking … My week looked like this: Monday – Cycling IntervalsTuesday – 4 Mile RunWednesday – Rest DayThursday – IntervalsFriday – Rest DaySaturday – Parkrun (3.1 Mile Run)Sunday – 9 MileContinue reading “Marathon Training Week 2 And 100 Days To Go!”

And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One

Monday, 15th of July. The start of a new 16 week marathon training block. The start of my road to the New York Marathon. I’m not going to lie, the thought of starting another marathon training plan absolutely terrifies me. Motivation has been lacking and it scared me that this next big commitment has comeContinue reading “And So It Begins … Marathon Training, Week One”

Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 2

As I left my boyfriend I felt excited. This was it. Time to earn my third star. The start pens were well organised, not too packed with people, easy to find and there were also plenty of toilets around. The queues were quite long at the first toilets that I came across but, if you’reContinue reading “Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 2”

The Great Railway Run 10k – Race Recap

The Great Railway Run takes place along the old railway line that’s runs from Cork City to Carrigaline. They offer two distances on the day, a 25k and a 10k, with runners on the longer route merging with the start of the 10k at Monkstown where the old railway station use to stand. At theContinue reading “The Great Railway Run 10k – Race Recap”

Team Project Run: What My Coaching Means To Me

The first time I trained properly for a marathon was for my second attempt at the distance in Berlin (If you’ve read my deep, dark running secret blog you’ll know I didn’t exactly train for my first marathon). I used a 16 week marathon training plan that I printed out from the London Marathon website.Continue reading “Team Project Run: What My Coaching Means To Me”

Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 1

A blog about the Chicago Marathon? That was way back in October, I hear you cry! Yes, this has been a long time coming. It’s taken me a really long time to attempt to write this because I had such a great experience there, that I didn’t want to ruin it all by analysing itContinue reading “Earning My Third Star in Chicago: Part 1”

When Race Day Isn’t As Perfect As You Wanted It To Be

Picture this. You get an opportunity to be on the start line in your dream event so you carefully select a training plan, print it out and stick up somewhere in the house. You spend months training through all weathers (including a 13 mile treadmill run because of the ice on the pavements) and youContinue reading “When Race Day Isn’t As Perfect As You Wanted It To Be”

Racing For Good

I was supposed to be doing the Brighton Half Marathon this past weekend. Unfortunately I had to drop out due to illness but we decided, as we love Brighton, to head there anyway. It got me thinking about our day trip there in November 2018. I got a last minute place in the Brighton 10kContinue reading “Racing For Good”